DIABETIC AND Orthopedic – Extra Soft, Padded, Comfortable, and Cushioned Footbed improves Comfort to the Feet. Specialist Extra Soft Slipper Provides you Better Walking Comfort and furthermore makes your strolling life simple and easy.

Hostile to SKID – Good Rubber Grip empowers you to utilize these shoes on wet floors, Tiles, Marbles, and so forth. This elastic sole is dependable and gives continuous day by day utilization.


Light Weight and Durable – They are amazingly Lightweight and tough Slippers and are generally utilized by Women/Ladies for all ages, Especially old matured, Expecting ladies (Pregnant Women), Women with Foot, Knee and back torment, joint inflammation, plantar fasciitis, and so forth.

SKIN FRIENDLY – Its Skin-Friendly material are Crafted and made with care that stays away from Blisters, Scars, Sweating of the feet, and Pain.

A la mode – These slick shoes accommodate your way of life where your feet look pretty which gives premium look and feel to the feet. Different hues are not just vivid and exceptionally alluring to take a gander at yet in addition gives you an alternative to purchasing shoes according to your decision than a possibility.


Puma Unisex's White Flip-Flops Price: ₹349.00 - ₹419.00
Puma Men's Running Shoes Price: ₹1,514.00 - ₹2,139.00
SWIGGY Men Outdoor Shoes Price: ₹299.00