Fitness and Nutrition Tips from the Healthiest Countries

We all have some of our bucket list travel full of our goals where we want to travel. But amid this global pandemic, Covid-19, we are not supposed to move out from our houses to fulfill our dreams of seeing all the wonders of the world. Many of us fantasize about dipping their foot in every sea. But here appears Health Fitness Revolution, we have aimed to change the way the people they look at health and fitness motivates you to travel your destination country. You should visit each of the countries. Here are the “Top 10 Healthiest Countries” in the world. With this information, we want to aware of other countries regarding their wellness and physically active.

According to the words of Samir Becic, “The wealth and prosperity of a nation are dependent on the health and physicality of its people.”

We have collected all the data from our research on all the countries using the internet, magazines, newspapers, literature, library, and industry, etc. Here are the Top 10 Health Fitness Revolution.

  • Monaco- So, on number 1, the country which is the healthiest in the world is Monaco. The life expectancy of the following country is 89.63. The people living here are very rich. They have their chefs to plan their full day meals. Most people are retired and they are released from stress level, hypertension, anxiety, etc.
  • Japan- On the 2nd number, the country comes to Japan. Their life expectancy period is 84.19. Simply, the people of Japan eat healthy food like fish versus red meat, they consume less butter, dairy, and milk. The rich source of Iodine is seaweed is highly consumed by them. Other than this, they consume a lot of green tea and plenty of vegetables and consume them in small portions.
  • Singapore- The country, Singapore has a fine and proper system of maintaining the environment healthy and clean free from garbage and dirt. By imposing certain rules and regulations, the hygiene of this country is best in the world. People here think that good health means good wealth. Their government is known for its promoting a healthy and clean environment.
  • Spain- The Spanish food called- Tapas is consumed by the population in very small portions of varieties of foods. Along with this, they partake daily rituals of “siesta” (a two-hour nap in mid-day) to lowers their stress level also, to ensure enough rest.
  • Greece- In 5th place, it comes to Greece. The country having a life expectancy of 82.98. The people here live on a balanced Mediterranean diet of olive oil and fish. In addition to this, they are active in the water. From their ancient culture, the Olympics started in this country only. So, being physically active is their ancient culture.
  • Andorra- Life Expectancy is 82.58. The country is nestled in the mountains between France and Spain. Andorra has the best of both the countries, along with their Mediterranean diet and physical activities associated with mountains like-Skiing in winters and hiking in summers.
  • Switzerland- The people of this country enjoy winter sports in the winter. But the mountains serve as a playground for them in summers. For hiking and maintaining, they climb mountains just to get in front of their houses. Every month of the year, Switzerland takes full advantage of summers.
  • Australia- As we all know that Australia is in the middle of the ocean, it is very difficult for them to import food items and it will become expensive for them. That’s why they use all-natural products and within their country. Also, they put more emphasis on sports and other activities. They swim, play rugby, bike or hike.
  • Italy- Italy comes in 9th The people of Italy consume a Mediterranean diet which is a rich source of Olive Oil (Omega 3s) and also fish. They are mostly active like Europeans. And they also consume an adequate amount of red wine that some studies show that they are good for heart diseases.
  • France- The French people have taken their meals in small portions along with a well-balanced diet. A heart healthier, red wine is also taken by them in their daily schedules. Like other countries, the walk a lot and they lead less sedentary lives.

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