Privacy Policy


Ad & Sponsorship Policy

The Fitnesseaze team receives funding from various sponsored content, advertisements, and different partnerships like affiliate programs. The truth is that we are obstinate about our editorial volition. Our funding from various advertisers allows us to depict more powerful experiences and to cover more conditions like videos, animation, and high-quality input data from a variety of experts. We never permit our sponsors to supremacy the content we made, other than input about broad topic areas.

The Fitnesseaze team chooses the ads that don’t validate any products and differentiate between sponsored and non-sponsored content, also all ads from editorial content. It should be noted that we have specific sponsored guidelines to ensure that advertisement never gets an editorial coalition.

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Privacy Policy

Fitnessease’s team’s main objective is to protect the privacy of its readers and consumers. Customer protection is our top priority. As we actively work to immerse privacy in the developed content and dominie of our services.

All the time, we provide a special feature to our valuable customers regardless of making a data subject to their choice in the right request forms. By doing so, all the consumers can hide, delete, or change their personal information if they want, that they have shared with us.

Our team will disclose your personal information after your free consent.