Sandalwood Oil : How Sandwood Oil Prevent From Hair Loss

Benefits of Sandalwood Oil for Hair

Sandalwood Oil for Hair: A big appreciation for the healing properties of Sandalwood Oil. One can find it very beneficial for health as well. In traditional times, the sandalwood oil used in medicines as antiseptics to cure the problems of headaches, urinary, genital disorders, and stomach aches.

In India, Sandalwood Oil is found in the Mysore District of Karnataka. The oil comes from the roots of Santalum Album or the East-Indian Sandalwood Tree. The products from the most valuable tree are used across the globe.


Extraction of Sandalwood Oil:

There appear many varieties of sandalwood oil but Mysore considered to be the best among all. The essential oil can be extracted through steam distillation of wood from the past 40 to 70 years old trees. It is said that the older trees are more oil reserves they provide. The following are the other two varieties other than Indian variety:-

  1. Hawaiian Sandalwood
  2. Australian Sandalwood

However, the Indian variety is considered to be the best one.


Benefits of Sandalwood Oil for Hair:

Many people who are facing the problem of baldness may get some benefit by rubbing a few drops of sandalwood oil into the scalp. The most important advantage of the sandalwood oil is that treats the dry ends including adds fragrance to the hair. Moreover, keratin is needed to stimulate hair growth. Research states that just after one week, it starts to stimulate the hair growth again on the scalp by increasing the blood circulation. Some molecules are contained in the oil which mesmerizes the fragrance.

The oil is highly valuable in treating dandruff and protects the scalp from hair loss. The powerful astringent property of the oil is very highly effective in deflecting the excess sebum secretion from the scalp. Also, treats split ends and improve the hair luster.

Nobody can accept the fact of hair loss. Instead of trying directly into your hair, it is directed to read all the labels and other important instructions to use the oil and use it in a limited amount.

You can make sandalwood oil at home also through the following process:-

  1. Go to the store and collect some sandalwood powder or chips as you desire.
  2. Crush the chips using a mortar pestle.
  3. With the help of virgin olive oil, blend the powder or chips in a jar.
  4. Rest it for a week and shake in between.
  5. Press the powder and strain the oil as much as you can.
  6. Keep it stored in a glass jar or bottler in a dark cool place.


Some Other Health Perks of Sandalwood Oil

Scientists research that this essential oil helps in many other ways like:-

  • To manage anxiety
  • Fight skin cancer
  • Treats bacteria
  • Healing the wound and inflammation
  • Reduce the risk of cancer
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Promotes healthy skin

Sandalwood oil can also be used at home in several ways. One can use it directly on the skin. You can add it in your bath also which stimulates the dry skin and treats follicles. It can also be used as a scent in your home by heating a few drops in a small kettle of water.


Side Effects of Sandalwood Oil:

Though the benefits of sandalwood oil are unquestionable on the other hand, some benefits are debatable. Always use the essential oil with complete precautions and after reading the labels and complete information mentioned on the packing of the bottle. Before using it directly on your skin, dilute it with some normal carrier oil like coconut oil. Otherwise, may cause some allergic reactions, but these are rare cases. Those who are suffering from liver disorders should avoid using it immediately or consult the doctor before using it. Children must stay away from it. Moreover, it can create digestive problems including itching and dermatitis.


Its incredible healing properties make it different from other essential oils. Aromatherapy treatment with the help of sandalwood oil helps in supporting the immune system and heals the body. It vitalizing the production of white blood cells, boost the immunity power, fights with the bacteria and microorganisms, and keep diseases away. In the tradition period, it is also used in medicines to treat abdominal pain and vomiting. The oil has been used for the past years because of its ayurvedic properties and medicinal values.

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