Sun Spots on Face: Ways To Prevent Sunspots At-Home Treatment

Sun Spots on Face

Sunspots on Face:- In this busy schedule, people have become careless regarding their skincare routine. Everyone needs to spend some part of their busy life under the sun that may develop sunspots on the face. They are also known as Age Spots or Liver Spots or Solar Lentigines. These spots appear to be flat brown spots on certain areas of skin that tend to get sun exposure. This is a very common problem especially for those who are above 40 and have fair skin. Spots have different shapes and sizes. It can be fully exposed to certain areas of the body like shoulder, face, arms, forearms, and back of hands.

Various medical treatment and at-home treatments have been arisen nowadays to fade and remove them wisely on time.

What Causes Sunspots?

Due to the excess production of skin pigment or melanin, age spots occur. The main possible causes are sun exposure, skin aging, other forms of UV light exposure, tanning, etc. Sunspots mostly occur in the area that is in contact with sun exposure. Here is the list of body parts where spots most likely to occur-

  • Shoulders
  • Forearms
  • Face
  • Back of hands
  • Upper back
  • Forehead

However, some people are mostly in the risk factor ratio, people of any sex, age, race, religion can develop age spots at any time of their life. The following people most exposed to risk are-

  • Having fair skin
  • Being older than 40 years
  • Having a history of frequent tanning bed use
  • Having a history of frequent sun exposure

The symptoms of age spots likely to occur are ranging from brown to black. Usually appears in the sun-exposed area and consists of the same texture as of skin. Generally, do no possess any pain to the individual.

Best Ways to Prevent Sunspots

  1. By developing and maintain solid sun safety habits
  2. Spots can be protected with diligent skin protection through the use of sunscreen on a regular basis.
  • Other forms like sunglasses, hats, and clothing can help in preventing sunspots.

At-Home Treatment

The mentioned below are the list of remedies available to fade away or remove sun spots or age spots at home also: –

  1. Vitamin C:- Active compounds in Aloe Vera plants like Aloin and Aloesin are useful in lighten the spots and remove hyperpigmentation.
  2. Green Tea:- Study shows that green tea bags are very essential in fading away from the spots from the face and other parts. Green tea extract has a powerful effect on the depigmenting effect.
  3. Vitamin E:- A healthy diet of Vitamin E supplement acts as a protector against sun damage. One can apply Vitamin E oil on the affected area and get relieved early. When taken together with Vitamin C, it will act more beneficial and lightens the spots.
  4. Red Onion:- According to research published in 2010, dried red onion when applied on the spots lightens the area and treat the affected part through its antiseptic properties and pigmentation.
  5. Lemon Juice:- The common ingredient used to lighten the hair and skin is Lemon Juice. It has been used as a home remedy that can fade the part due to its acidic properties. It is generally an ingredient in sunscreens but should be used carefully as it can dry the skin as well as eyes.
  6. Milk:- Milk is rich in Lactic Acid that reduces the sunspots that appeared on any part of the body. Sour milk has the property to treat the age spots and known as an effective remedy in this condition.

Thus, sunspots are not that harmful, they are the only the result of sun-damaged. Therefore, it can be a sign that you should protect yourself from sun exposure.

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