Tips to Lose Your Body Weight At Home

Weight loss has become one of the most difficult tasks in today’s busy lifestyle. According to a report, about two billion people over the world are overweight. That’s almost 31% of the world’s total population.

Weight loss and Exercise industry are currently full of various myths. People are mostly advised to do some crazy stuff for losing weight, which doesn’t have any proper scientific explanation behind them.
Here, we are going to share how to weight loss with some Diet and tips which are more proper and sensible.

How to weight Loss

1. Keeping food and weight diary always:

Self-monitoring is the first step that’s going to help you the most. Always try to keep a check on what you have eaten throughout the day. Install some calories and carbs count application on your mobile phone that will help you in tracking calories count.

2. Regular activities and exercises:

Regular physical activities help you in maintaining both physical and mental health. Also, when it comes to weight loss and exercise, both are directly proportional to each other.

Brisk walking, running, and dancing are some of the activities of weight loss by exercise that help the most. Always try to give at least 1 hour for the physical activities daily, it helps to burn the excess calories from your body.


3. Drink water before meals (not while eating):

There is no doubt about the fact that drinking water can help with weight loss. Drinking water boosts your metabolism rate by 25–30%, which helps in burning a few more calories. And at the end of the day, it’s the calories that matter the most.

4. Drink black coffee:
Coffee contains various antioxidants that help our body in numerous ways. Various studies have claimed that drinking coffee boosts metabolism rate by 5-10%. Just make sure you don’t add excess sugar to it.

5. Consume Green tea:
Like coffee, green tea also has many health benefits including weight loss.
It contains powerful antioxidants called catechins which enhances fat burning rate which eventually leads to weight loss.

6. Cut sugar intake:
Adding sugar is currently one of the worst ingredients. Various studies have claimed that sugar increases the rate of obesity as well as diabetes and some heart diseases. Therefore, it is essential to cut your sugar intake if you want to lose weight.

7. Low carb diet:
Diet to weight loss is also an amazing method. Diets with low carbs help in controlling your body weight. Numerous studies have claimed that low carb diets help 2-3 times in losing weight as compared to normal diet.

8. Cut liquid calories intake:
Juice, tea, and alcohol are some drinks that increase calories count in your body. These calories are called “Empty calories” as they don’t provide any nutritional benefit. So, it is very important to cut your liquid calories count if you want to lose weight.

8. Take less refined carbs:
Refined carbs include grain and sugar. These further include Pasta and Whitebread. Many researchers have found that refined carbohydrate is directly linked to overweight issues.
So it is very important that whenever you take carbs, take them with some natural fiber. This decreases the risk of obesity.

9. Try to take more vegetables and fresh fruits:
Vegetables and fruits contain several healthy properties that help our overall body health. They contain few calories and are high in fiber count. Some studies have claimed that eating fruits and vegetables can help you in controlling your weight i.e. they are considered as weight loss diet.

10. Include more protein in your diet:
Protein is one of the most important ingredients when there is a diet to weight loss. Eating a high protein food helps in boosting metabolism rate and thus eventually controls your weight. So just simply adding some protein to your regular diet is one of the easiest and effective ways to lose weight.

11. Eat healthy foods instead of going for dieting:
One of the main problems of opting for dieting is it generates other health problems. So, it’s very important to opt for proper healthy foods rather than going for a diet. Focus on nourishing your body with healthy food instead of making it starves.

12. Always stay positive:
And Last but not least, always keep you motivated. Always keep in mind that the weight loss journey is a marathon, not a sprint. So it is very important to keep yourself motivated all the time on this journey.
Some days will be harder than others when you stick to a proper healthy diet plan. You might need to change some plans but always be motivated. Have a positive look at every aspect of your life and you will gradually see the change in yourself.


Also, there are many fitness-related apps whose sole purpose is to provide a customized diet plan and access to an experienced mentor. One such app is Noom. Initially, it offers a 14 days trial and after this, they will ask you to pay.

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