Top Best Budget Fitness Bands in India 2020

Best Fitness Bands in India 2020

Best Fitness Bands in India-2020:-Nowadays, the advanced era is taking care of their health and fitness and has become more conscious regarding preventing themselves from many health issues relating to heart, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Also, in this global pandemic, people have become more serious to make their immune system strong. As we all are aware, our immune system is the only reason that makes us strong internally and externally too. With the changing lifestyle and standard of living, food maintaining and healthy diets have become one of the hectic tasks nowadays. This is the time when an individual needs to schedule their workout sessions.

But here the question arises that How can we keep tracking our solid workout sessions? The only answer to this question is fitness Bands. Another question also comes to our mind that what are fitness bands? To keep ourselves up-to-date regarding health and fitness, we make a proper schedule of diet plan and regular exercise and yoga also including gym, running, etc. Fitness bands are trackers that help to monitor the results of the workout period so that we can motivate ourselves further to proceed more and more. They are also known as Activity Trackers.

It has become now very simple to make workout sessions through accurate statistics and other related data. In this article, we have described some fitness bands along with their features in brief and a list has been prepared which fitness bands are available in India.

Best Fitness Bands

Go through the below-mentioned fitness bands. According to our search, these are the best activity trackers available in our Indian Market-

Please mention, fitness bands are not magical gadgets that will fit your health automatically. But they keep tracking your daily workout sessions so that you can manage your health properly.

Top 5 Fitness Trackers in India-2020

Some people think that these fitness brands are quite expensive but don’t worry we have depicted some fitness bands in the budget which are under the reasonable price of Rs 2000/- or Rs 3000/- that can get connected from both android or IOS (Apple) device.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Smart Fitness Band:-Research has shown that it is not recommended to workout without proper information regarding heart rate, calorie burn rate, and other essential factors. Then, for this factor Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Smart Fitness Band is the best option. The device is highly effective and lightweight, i.e. 31.8g. It is a type of model that can be connected with both IOS and Android devices. The advantages of this type of fitness tracker are that it has a display screen that appears with autodetection technology. The features of the product are-

  • 5 Inch display size
  • 216 X 432 screen resolution.
  • Detect your actual activity whether you’re running, walking, dancing, or playing football.
  • Infused with multiple sensors like Barometer, Heart Rate Sensor, Gyro Sensor, and Accelerometer to measure daily activities with actual figures.
  • They are made up of top-quality Silicon material.
  • Wireless charging
  • Also, can be used to take phone calls and texts.
  • Storing space up to 4gb
  • Swim-friendly product
  • Curved AMOLED display facility


Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Fitness Tracker: –A perfect day to measure your heart rate, calorie burn level can be found in Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Fitness Tracker. The device is powerfully backed with lithium-polymer battery storage which can live long up to continue use for 5 days. All you can do is to adjust your diet and workout session, by measuring your heart rate and calorie level. The technical advantages of this wristband are that it is baked up with a smart auto-exercise recognition that measures your breathing and cardio fitness. A large OLED screen along with a tap facility is also available in this model. The following features are contained in this device-

  • Used for informative alerts like texts, phone calls and many more
  • Unisex model with stainless steel.
  • Suitable for both Android version and IOS versions like iPhone 4s, Android 4.3, Mac OS, iPad 3 Generation, and all devices.
  • Can be connected through Bluetooth devices and wi-fi also
  • Other facilities like sleep tracking, all-day activity, smart-track for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Stylish Band with multiple features.


Honor 5 Band Activity Tracker:-The model named Honor 5 Band Activity Tracker can be the best option for you with a larger display and multiple features. It makes your fitness observing easy and effective for you because it has a 2.41 cm AMOLED display. The device consists of a 24 X 7 heart rate monitoring facility with TruSeen 3.0 Technology which allows supervising the heart rate consistently even at night time. The device consists of 10 fitness models composed that improve your running, increase the workout ability, and walking also. The benefits of the following essential device are-

  • Powerful Lithium-ion battery that monitors the machine to continuously work for 14 days.
  • Appears in a built-in six-axis sensor that describes all the four types of swim stroke-like freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.
  • Get easily connected with wireless Bluetooth with laptops, tablets, mobiles, and computers.
  • Packed in compact package consists of 1 smart band, charging cable, safety information book, warranty card, and quick start guide.
  • Dimensions- 4.3 X 1.7 X 1.2 cm
  • Comes in many different designs and colors.
  • Oxygen Saturation level Track facility with Sp02 Monitor


Fitbit Inspire HR Health and Fitness Tracker:-The fitness tracker that is advanced in technology along with its multiple features to help in tracking overall health conditions in the whole day. Like all other activity trackers, it also displays your pulse rate and calorie burn rate and other information that is used to increase your workout period. Other than this, it has a sleep tracking facility that notes down your sleep automatically and uses acts alarms as a bedtime reminder for an individual. This Fitbit model is equipped with a SmartTrack record system that is particularly designed for keeping a record of workout timings like walking, gym, running and cardio, etc. Even when you use the device regular 5 days, it has a battery saver option that can long last up to 5-6 days in continuity. Other benefits are-

  • The real-time distance can be checked
  • A smart wristband supervises your time for jogging, walking, and running.
  • Guide proper breathing sessions like heart rate.
  • The dashboard is easy to use as always tracks the smooth functioning of your daily activities.
  • Motivate every day to work harder.
  • Also, food calories can be determined easily through Food Logging Option
  • Stopwatch, Timers also available


Garmin Vivofit 4 Fitness Tracking Tracker:-During the workout, one has to perform a very important part that is to monitor their progress each day. For this purpose, you can go for Garmin Vivofit 4 Fitness Tracking Tracker. To check all your fitness activities each day in a single device can be useful for many people. The device has launched with different attractive colors and displays. Multiple advanced technologies along with a prolonger battery help in checking your job easier and simpler. A product with 100% water-resistant that also suits swimming activities. Now, see the measuring benefits derived from the product-

  • Measure heart rate along with daily activities of running, jogging, walking, etc.
  • Backed up with sleep tracking facility
  • Having 88 X 88 display resolution.
  • Can store data up to 1gb
  • Memory can be stored only for 1 month.
  • The Colour display light always turns on even in direct sunlight which allows it very easy for users to read.
  • No charging needed
  • Attractive design and display
  • Customizable screen color option

Mainly, the functioning of the fitness tracker depends upon the brand of the product that you are buying. All the fitness trackers allow some common functions like heart rate, total steps taken in a day, mobility, temperature of the skin, total hours of sleep, and many more. Also, many bands send a notification to users timely to remind their activity and also their result. They also act as motivational support for those who perform their workout sessions with full dedication and commitment. Vibrations occur from time to time to show statistics. Some common brands of Fitness Trackers are Samsung, Apple, Garmin, Honor, Amazfit, etc. The above mentioned all the fitness brands are under the reasonable price of Rs 2000/- to 3000/-. So, you can all the knowledge about your body session whenever you want.



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